About Us

Company Profile:

An idea generated from our passion for agriculture was translated into the birth of SoilMatrix Industries Pvt. Ltd.

SoilMatrix Industries Pvt. Ltd. is one of the largest manufacturers of Agriculture implements and Agri Parts in the region. The company is leading in specializing in the manufacturing of Rotary Tillers and Agri Parts under the brand name of SoilMatrix.



SoilMatrix’s vision is to provide advanced products recognized for superior quality, by not only making agriculture more economical but also by creating additional value for all its stakeholders in a responsible manner.


The mission of SoilMatrix is to supply the most technologically advanced agriculture equipment around the globe, which is acknowledged for superior quality, reliability, and the best after-sales service.

Quality Policy:

At SoilMatrix Industries Pvt. Ltd.we ensure that all our products exceed customer expectations, in both quality and performance, by following the latest and modern art manufacturing procedures for our products. All our products are CE-certified and have ISO 9001:2015.


Innovation and customized machines are the Pillars of SoilMatrix Industries Pvt. Ltd.enabling farmers around the globe to maximize the fertility of the land by maximizing the performance of every crop, under the most challenging circumstances.